Do you want to simplify going back to school? Order your child's supplies on-line.  They will even be delivered to the school.

The last day is July 14th

Enter school code 111444

Volunteer Submission

I am interested in:

Interested in Making an Impact?

Do you have ideas for making the PTO be its best? We are looking for a parent to volunteer as Vice President of the PTO board for the 2013-2014 school year.  Please email with questions or interest.



Box Tops for Education!!

Continue clipping these valuable rectangles from select packaging. There will be promotions in November and April this year for collection.  The classes that send the most box tops in will receive an ice cream party.

 You can even go one step further by going to  Simply watching an advertisment or playing a game can earn points for our school.

We would also like to thank Linda Landis,  Dorothy Stackpole and Tammy Tyler for reviewing, counting and sending in our collections. 


Erin Knight


Vice President


Kim Kell 

Tammy Tyler

Jill Humphries


 Contact us!! Send an email to:


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